Sunday, October 30, 2011

10/30 Loss of Hipster Points

It's 6:30 in the morning, and my brain is awake wanting coffee while Sam's is still catching z's upstairs in the bedroom. So I don't bother my sleeping fifth-wheel driver, I'm down in the living area typing on my computer and staying out of Sam's way. As I am sitting here, I started reflecting on everything we've just done. With a bit of quiet space, of course, the enormity of it all has snuck up on me.
I must admit, I am terribly in love with Monty. He's cozy like a house, yet is (relatively) mobile. We got a great deal, and I know that we will get a ton of use out of him. But, let's just admit it--in a lot of ways, he's really silly. And, I think we're the youngest couple ever to buy a fifth wheel this huge (although I found this blog post from a young couple who bought a fiver from their grandparents and had to learn how to tow it). To make matters worse, when all this is said and done, I'm pretty sure that our hipster points have dropped by fifty million or so.
I keep having these flashbacks to when I was living in the Dominican Republic. Everyone there wore tons of color and tropical prints. Of course, I had to invest in a couple of breezy hot pink, green, yellow, and purple floral print pant-skirts. In Santiago, I wore them with a grin on my face--feeling all free and flowy and Caribbean. When I got home to cold and drab Michigan, my outfits just didn't have the same, let's just say, pizzazz. All of a sudden, I was a petite tropical flower in a sea of Gap jeans and gray hoodies. As cool as Monty seems now, if we can't use him in Wisconsin or Michigan, it's just not going to matter how great he seems here. We've done our research, and I think everything will work out just fine, but I know that we still might have to make some compromises.
But as I rock back and forth on my recliner with a goofy grin on my face, all of a sudden, the epiphany hits--I am smiling and relaxed. Apparently I've just gotta be who I am. If that's an honorary AARP member, then that's OK-- as long as Sam is one too...


  1. Now that my power is back on and I am no longer one of the 3,000,000 without...I'd just like to say:
    If Monty doesn't quite "fit" in the midwest and/or northeast...perhaps you could leave him in various glorious spots for others (hint hint) to know...FL, AZ, UT, etc etc.....
    Personally, I'm thinkin' Monty's a cool dude that will fit in anywhere, and forget the AARP stuff! You guys are trendsetters!!!
    Just get those wide mirrors :))

  2. Larney says it ALL so well. I second the motion, and dad thinks that spots with fishing are the best!

  3. Larney, we love you! You can stay in Monty anytime!