Thursday, October 27, 2011

10/27 Meet Larry

Larry, our FORD F-250 POWER STROKE TURBO DIESEL V8 LARIAT SUPER DUTY is parked in front of our Kamping Kabin. Yes, I said Kamping Kabin. And yes, I said Ford F-250. Even though we seem to own several RVs and a small fleet of trucks, we are spending the night in one of the KOA cabins since we have traded in The Clippah. Tomorrow, if all goes well, we pick up Monty, and go through a special RV course on how to pull a ridiculous load with a ridiculous truck. Apparently, it involves cones and a parking lot. But that's tomorrow. If we pass the test, Larry gets to pull Monty over to our new 40 foot pull-through RV site at the KOA, and we will "camp" for the first time.
Today, we picked up the truck and are all paid up with our California taxes, $80 diesel smog test, and lot's of fun other extras that we won't need in Chicago.
By the way, do you see that wonky front wheel angle? That's my doing. I just took Lair for a spin around the KOA.  Scary, eh? Stay off the I-5, folks!


  1. Are you saying that you were able to DRIVE Larry? Yea.
    This blog is a SCREAM. It has left me speechless ( or "writeless") and laughing hysterically.

    There really isn't anything left to say except ENJOY!

  2. Where do the bikes go? (I can see that Ms. Woofington has her very own space.)

  3. Hi ladies?!! Glad you find this funny. I'd have to agree. Bikes will go in Monty's storage space but we might get a different bike rack for larry eventually.

  4. Aha....well, I do think Larry looks pretty strong and if he could pull a horse or two or 6! Can't wait to meet the new guys on the block!!

  5. Larry loves horses. He's all over that!