Friday, October 7, 2011

10/07 Taking a nap

Wow. I think we'll all be sad to be leaving Colorado Springs tomorrow morning. It's been a really amazing two days here. Nora has personally voted for us to move near the Bear Creek Dog Park, and I think Sam and I could hike here all year without getting bored.  Tomorrow we leave for Cortez, Colorado, where we will spend three nights visiting Mesa Verde, as well as the town of Durango.


  1. Looks like we're shy one horse...

  2. Look for pottery shards at Mesa Verde, but don't remove any!

    I should qualify the above statement by recognizing the fact that Nora may not let you go any farther on the trip. Glad she is having so much fun.

  3. Wait! Who said "horse"??? Count me in :)) Nora can eat grass with the equines...

    Heard this morning about a ski area in CO that's opening today with 3 feet of new (real) snow.

    What beautiful country! Love the Picasa album with more views.

    Have a great drive and watch out for black ice :((

  4. Hah! Hi MOMS!
    You guys are crackin' us up! Larney, we'll make sure we find a nice horse for you. I still think you and my mom should meet us at