Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/19 Sometimes Laundry Baskets Make All the Difference

Today we drove the brief two hour distance from Zion to Cannonville, UT.  We are once again staying at a KOA. There's something kind of homey about the KOA thing. I know that I can do laundry, I know that I can take a shower, I know that I can get wifi, and I know that customer service will be pretty decent.  It's not necessarily camping--it's more about having a consistent place to stay on the road.  Think of a Holiday Inn where you have to provide your own bed (!). This KOA, though not in the most happening location, stares down the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument (I'm eyeing at it as I write this post), and the very cool Kodachrome Basin State Park (we checked that out today after we arrived) is just eight miles away. Tomorrow, our plan is to visit Bryce Canyon, but today I was lucky enough to wash clothes in the cleanest laundry room I've ever seen--they even had sturdy black laundry baskets for me to deliver Sam's freshly cleaned t-shirts to The Clippah.

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