Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10/11 Up Before Sunrise

It's an early morning for us today as we drive back to Durango (before the sun rises) to catch the Durango Silverton Railroad. I didn't know anything about it, but as soon as one starts looking at "Things to do in Durango" this comes up. The train is a narrow gauge steam railroad that chugs through the mountains and stops in Silverton for two hours then heads back.
We were really excited to do this, but we didn't think that a bonnet was going to disguise Nora enough, so we had to look into other options for her.
This is when I get on my soapbox about customer service, and what a difference it makes. We were talking to the staff at the KOA and we asked them about Doggie Daycare options in Cortez. It took the guy all of three minutes before he offered to take care of Nora so we could enjoy ourselves. He met her yesterday, and she immediately "Berner Bumped" him with her nose. He's going to walk her every hour and a half! Wow.
Anyway, we are excited about today, and will obviously post more later.

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