Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10/18 ZNP: The Well-Oiled Machine

You know how I feel about efficiency, and Zion National Park seems to have modeled their experience on the German Rail System. With mandatory public transportation throughout the park, we didn't suffer the same "bear jams" that we did in Yellowstone. To make ZNP more efficient,there are buses into the park from the cute town of Springdale (a walkable and slightly trendy town outside the park). Additionally, due to the tunnel system into the park, larger vehicles are either prohibited from entering, or, they must pay extra for an escort. And finally, during the high season, travelers are required to park at the visitor center and board the Scenic Drive Shuttle that runs through the park (I am calling this ZBRT). Now, as much as I miss my mother's narration "DAY-vid, Quick! Turn into Canyon Village!!! We need to drop off the recycling!!!" The narrated ZBRT is a great way to keep crowds to a minimum and the information flowing.
As I write this, I am sitting in the sun at the Zion Lodge stop. We just hiked the georgous trail to the Emerald Pool, and now we are enjoying our lunch. We are planning on jumping back on the ZBRT and continuing north to the last overlook...
So we're back on the bus and I have to admit that I have a pang of regret about ignoring some of the hikes. Right now, Nora Woofington Swett is back at the campground in the air conditioned popup (actually, I'm much more concerned that she has been racking up our bill at the resort with hours of ATVing, Zip lining, and horseback riding), and we don't really have the time to hike the longer trails. Instead of hiking, we are on the shuttle, and admiring the tiny dots of the rock climbers who are scaling the canyon to our left. Sigh. Nora would have approved of Zion and the ZBRT. Maybe it's time we invested in her own (Needs) "Therapy Dog" vest.


  1. Hmmm....perhaps Nora could begin her lessons by riding Bodhi? I'm guessing he'd be down for that.

  2. I think she only wants to rack up our bill. You'll have to charge us for the pleasure...hehehe!!!

  3. Perhaps some roll reversal. Nora could be the horse!

  4. Glad you like them. That's why I can't believe that Mike hasn't been there. It's amazing.