Saturday, October 22, 2011

10/22 There's Something About Vegas

I have fond memories of this silly place, and I think I'm going to miss it a bit when we pull out of here tomorrow morning.  It's been fun to be in a city and to have malls, restaurants, and cell phone service. It was even fun to camp in a parking lot. We met a lot of cool people at the KOA here--people from Canada, Israel, and we even heard about a couple who had driven their antiquated Mercedes bus conversion across Asia who were now in the process of driving down to South America.
In the short time we were here we met a couple from Texas (here's a little shout-out to the Roses and their dog Kipper) who were doing a similar thing to what we are. They are blogging it too at
Tomorrow it's on to California, but Vegas, I'm warnin' you, we'll be back!
By the way, even Nora had a great time here playing at the dog park!


  1. Nora looks as if she's met some we say "friendly" dogs in Vegas. Good to know the two-leggeds aren't having ALL the fun :))

    I agree with Clare that your blog is great..and sometimes I just can't think of anything quite sassy or clever enough to respond....but pls keep it coming!.

  2. I don't understand why you are writing a blog in Vegas? I always thought that if it happened in Vegas it stayed their!

  3. See the above comments...well there is a typo that we cannot edit should be THERE! DAD NEEDS HIS EYES CHECKED!

  4. I see one more confusion. Why is dad signed in as Clare? heheh