Monday, October 17, 2011

10/17 Dangers of the Outdoors

You have heard all about the dangers of bears, buffalo--excuse me--bison, and mountain lions. But have you heard about the precarious experience that is The Water slide???? Even though I had been warned by many experienced outdoorsmen, I blatantly ignored their opinions about the most subtle attack of them all--BUTT BURN on a dry water slide. Without fully understanding its consequences, I perched on top of the Zion Ponderosa slide, ready to plummet into water. Sam had already completed this challenge three times, and I had yet to conquer my fears.  "It's easy!" He called from the pool below. Little did he know that my fate was sealed.  Without proper protection on my rear end, I was about to receive a little taste of mother nature's fury.
And now, folks, I have rug burn on my butt.


  1. OUCH!!! And this was AFTER the soothing reflexology???

  2. OH NO!!! it were!!! I did that once, years ago, I think at a water slide here in Maine- and I remember feeling totally betrayed by the (lack-of-) water slide. Hope you can sit down...and/or get that massage :))

    Glad Sam had a good run, tho'........Yikes. You just never know where the dangers lie.

  3. Blhahaha!!! I have since recovered, but it's great that I am not the only one who has suffered so.

  4. What happened to all of your banana skins. That's what they are for. Slipping and sliding. David