Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10/16 The Clippah Staying West

So, yeah, uhmmm. I don't know how else to say this except for as bluntly as possible:
The Clippah is being retired for a fifth wheel named Monty. If you don't know what a fifth wheel is, then I'm sure my adoring brother will explain it to you. He LOVES them, and I know he will be very willing to tell you why we made a wonderful decision.
At this time, I'm pretty sure my mother and father think that we have played an April Fool's joke on them a bit too late. Either that, or they think that we have been admitted as honorary members of AARP. Neither is the case LOL.
There is an extremely long story here that I won't share right now, but it involves RV shopping yesterday with Jonathan and Diane at local Reed's Trailer Sales (fabulous, fabulous service) after enjoying our lunch perhaps a little TOO much...
We are a bit behind today after lots of big decision making, but we promise to share more details and information soon.


  1. i just googled fifth wheel. wow! that sounds really cool.

  2. I am still trying to grasp the shift from "no cars, only bikes" to......Monty!!! But what fun..It sure looks comfy and Sam sure looks happy!

    Spoke with Polar's human, Nancy, this morning and it turns out they have a motorhome (not RV) that they take around the country. (No fair getting one of THOSE just yet!) But Nancy's tip of the day is to "get a CB so you can talk to truckers about road conditions ahead and plan accordingly". I can see (or rather hear) it now as you come up with your handles :))

  3. The irony of ALL of this is that the "geezer" parents get the sports car and the "young folks" get the RV. Nothing wrong with this picture. This should thwart attempts to stereotype people.

    Have fun with your new ride!

    Over and Out