Saturday, October 15, 2011

10/13 A Discussion on the Road

“So, I kind of like Utah”  
“Yeah, me too”
“How do you feel about not going to Tahoe & Yosemite, but instead staying in Utah a bit longer?”
“Yeah, that sounds great”
And so it went.  After Moab, we are headed down to Zion for four nights, and in that time, we had planned on zooming up to Bryce Canyon for a quick day trip (it’s about two hours away from Zion).  After this discussion, we realized that we should just concentrate on enjoying Zion, and then head to Bryce Canyon for two nights after that.  
So here is our new itinerary (the Google Calendar has been updated):
Arrive Zion on Sat, Oct 15 and stay for 4 nights
Arrive Cannonville (near Bryce Canyon) on Wed, Oct 19 and stay for 2 nights
Arrive Las Vegas on Fri, Oct 21 and stay for 2 nights
Arrive Visalia (near Fresno on the route to Petaluma) on Sun, Oct 23 and stay 1 night
Arrive Petaluma on Mon, Oct 24 and stay for 5 nights

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