Saturday, October 8, 2011

10/08 DON'T WORRY! (updated)

We are NOT in that photo! We are hunkered down in our trailer.  So, we'd been checking CDOT for road conditions on the way to Cortez, and we knew this would be a wet...
Wait a minute! Sam just popped out of the trailer and stuck his head back in and said, "It's snowing!"
So anyway, we knew that driving conditions would be bad.  There are three ways to get to Cortez (which is clear right now), but they all involve going through a mountain pass. Last night, things still looked OK, but this morning, when we checked the CDOT cameras, we got a taste of reality.  In other words, we are waiting it out here in "The Springs" for a bit.  We'll keep everyone in the loop.

update -- here's our campsite at the moment... it's been raining for about 8 hours and there's a little snow mixed in.


  1. Whew! Thx for the reassurance!
    (Hate to tell's 80 degrees and totally clear in Maine...same for tomorrow...)
    Hope the weather clears soon! Tho' imagine Nora is a happy mountain dog.

  2. 80 degrees????? Well it finally cleared up here for a couple of hours. I hope we can make it out tomorrow!