Sunday, October 16, 2011

10/16 A Popup Life

I know most of you are jealous of my McMansion that I've been living in. I'm rockin' a dual-purpose-indoor/outdoor stovetop, a portable refrigeration cooler, and even a mini slow cooker. Don't hate. I got the high-end features, and I aint gonna lie.
When we started this idea, I was secretly scheming to get some sort of cool hip trailer you know, like this, or this, or maybe even this. The problem is that although I am quite tiny, Sam is well, tall. This makes upgrading to a cool hip trailer really difficult. Most of the travel trailers out there have only about 6'6" of headroom (I don't really see the problem, but whatever...) The Clippah, on the other hand, has quite a high ceiling. We're talking 6'10" giving Sam a whopping two inches of head clearance! For us to upgrade from our very basic popup would mean purchasing a larger tow vehicle (can you imagine a Ford F150 jammed into our parking spot in Chicago?) or purchase a ritzy "high wall" popup camper.
Sometimes it would be tempting to have more "stuff" to make everything more homey.  For example, we've been sleeping in our sleeping bags at night because the temperature drops a lot. We also have to hike to the bathrooms at 4 am when we've had too much beer to drink the night before.  But then, on the other hand, we never have to clean the bathrooms, and I don't have to worry about the bed being made! The funny thing is that we don't use all the features that this came with.  We don't use the water hookup, we are not using our fridge (we purchased a plug-in coleman cooler instead), nor are we really using indoor stove hook-up (we always connect it to outside instead).  To cook, we saute up quick dinners outside on the stove, or I use my mini slow cooker.  In the evenings, we watch a tv show that we've downloaded to Sam's computer, or we just hang out.
I'm finding that I can live without a lot.
Just don't you take my Bodum electric tea kettle.  No one messes with my morning Starbucks Via...

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  1. I love the links that you are attaching to your blog! They make me laugh! I really think you, Sam and Nora seem to have a great life in your popup world. You have more shelter than living in a tent, yet you can still say you're experiencing some of the rustic qualities of "camping". Not having housework is a BONUS.
    I don't know how you will readapt to city life. What culture shock!