Saturday, October 29, 2011

10/29 The Subtlety of Diesel

You've all heard the sound of a diesel truck. You know--shakee-ah shake-ah burururururu shake-uh cough cough. It's great when it's that farm dude's vehicle next to you that's causing all the racket, but when you realize YOU'RE the jackass who is waking everyone up, things can go two ways-- pump up the diesel pride, or hide head in shame at blatant disregard of community noise levels. Two days ago, I was definitely in the second camp. Luckily I'm small enough that I only need to bow my head a bit and I am dwarfed by Larry's monsterous interior.
Yesterday, however, as I began to pick out GMCs, Rams, and the all powerful FORD F-250s, I felt my diesel pride BURNIN'! So what if we paid more for fuel? So what if you could hear us coming before we crossed the continental divide!? We could pull your whole barn and STILL get 17 miles to the gallon!
Yeah, that's what I'm sayin'. You'd better look behind you and make sure we haven't towed your stuff away while you're busy coverin' yer ears over our "noise!"

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  1. So what I want to know is: Can Larry plow snow? Because it is SNOWING here in Maine...where we like our diesels and find their brururururu very comforting (think lobster boats and Ursa Major)...but we expect our 250s to be able to help out around the old farm, especially since (my sources tell me) 150s are no longer allowed to PLOW....something about the frame not being strong enough.....Anyway...Can I just say this again? It is !@#$%^&**(*&^%$#@ SNOWING here....and the wind is blowing...and....oh how soon will the power................