Saturday, October 15, 2011

10/13 Back at Kayenta

Our day wasn’t over quite over yet, as we returned to beautiful Kayenta (named after the type of rock that covers the park) Campground in Dead Horse Point State Park.  We knew that Nora had been sitting in the car all day, so she would want to do some hiking herself.  We decided to take a different trail this time. 
Skip this part unless you are a dog training SUPERFAN:  Sam and I have been working on HEEL with little, sweet, Nora (LOL), because most of the time, she has to be on leash when hiking these trails.  I personally do not see the fun in being pulled down a rocky pass, but hey, sometimes, I’m wrong.  Anyway, Sam and I have finally gotten on the same page when it comes to HEEL.  Apparently I was using the command as a punishment (i.e., yanking her to a stop and grunting, “HEEL,” whereas Sam was correcting her tendency to walk ahead (pull) by stopping and moving backward, then using “heel” to start her off correctly.  Anyway, you know pups can be a slow learner, but Moms was really messing her up.  Long story short, she’s getting a bit better, and she is learning to hike on and off the leash.
Keep reading here if you have skipped the previous section: So with Nora in a perfect HEEL, we headed on out to an amazing overlook of the Colorado River.  Pictures should be in the Dead Horse Point  State Park Campground album

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