Monday, November 21, 2011

11/21 The Forlorn Midwest November Weather

Even though it's gray outside, there's something comforting about returning to the Midwest in November. Not to be completely cliche, but there's the reminder of sipping pumpkin lattes and eating chili while curled up under a blanket watching When Harry Met Sally forty times in a row. Now I sure Sam would probably choose another movie, but you get the drift...
Last night was our last night in Monty for awhile. He did right by us and kept us warm and toasty during snowstorms and gusty winds, but oddly enough, he was not tested during a thunderstorm. We'll probably have to wait for April for that. We've decided to store Monty in Michigan for the season at Krenek's RV Superstore (!) in Coloma, Michigan near South Haven. We'll probably be doing some RVin' on the west coast of Michigan, so heads up to all our peeps over there.
It's always strange to come to the end of an adventure like this. I am excited to be with our families for the holidays, but I also wonder when we will have a chance to travel like we did. I want to head back to Arizona to visit Tucson and Canyon de Chelley. I want to go back to New Mexico to see Las Cruces and Carlesbad, and then zip down to Texas to hang out in San Antonio. I want to drink more wine, and hike more red rocks. I want my clothing to dry superfast. I want to eat more green chile, and see more tumbleweeds. I want to play in more dogparks and practice making more diesel noises. But I also want to go home.
We want to thank everyone who made our trip so unique. It's been incredible.
Sam, Juliette, and Nora Woofington Swett

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  1. Thank you Juliette, Sam and Nora for sharing your adventures with us. Your blogs made us feel on one hand as if we took the trip with you, and on the other hand that we found new places that we want to visit and explore.