Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11/02 Back in the Desert!

Who knew that we would love the desert so much? We are in Barstow, California for the night and we are right near the Mojave Desert. Sam, once again, is/was my hero. He is a great driver--even in the windy conditions we had today. That being said, we've decided to do something drastic.

I mean REALLY drastic.

Not like buy a huge RV or something...

We have decided to ignore (cancel) our existing itinerary, and just see where the road takes us. It's different driving Monty and Larry-- to have a set schedule makes things more complicated. When we started this trip, we had only a few places we wanted to go: Moab, Santa Fe, Sedona, and Albuquerque. When we started to plan, it became harder and harder to limit things. All of a sudden, our route changed so we could see both northern and southern Arizona and New Mexico. We wanted to go east and west, to see the White Sands, Carlsbad, Tucson and more. But we are realizing that there's still time for us to return someday. Now, we have reverted back to our original plan. Depending on the wind, we'll see our original locations, but maybe we'll just have to come back later to see even more. We promise to keep you all in the loop.  Save some turkey for Sam!


  1. This makes so much sense. Are you fighting the Santa Anna winds? I did see where they had picked up in the Southwest. The good news is that it isn't summer in the desert.
    Now that you have Monte and Larry you can have some independence and travel where the mood takes you.

  2. Yeah. We think it's a good idea since it's harder to go a longer distance each day. This way, we can stop and smell the roses a bit, you know? Not sure about the Santa Anna winds, but there was certainly something. Maybe God ate some chili last night or something.