Sunday, November 13, 2011

11/13 Mr. Salsa at Applebees

First of all, don't hate on the Applebees. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow. Today that flow took us to an Applebees in a strip mall. Rocking. I had a really large beer and some not-so-vegan talapia while Sam chowed down on his burger. Our bartender was a Bears fan who was really excited by their win. That was pretty cool until I found out that apparently the Bear's win came at a very personal loss (i.e. over the Detroit Lions). Sigh.
I soon got over my sadness for the Lions, and finished up my talapia. As we were getting ready to leave, we started talking to the bartender. He started pointing out the regulars to us, and as he nodded across to the senior gentleman drinking White Zinfandel on the other side of the bar.
Mike, the bartender said, "Yeah, that's Mr. Salsa."
I said, "Oh, as in salsa dancing???"
I guess I spoke too soon because just then, I noticed that Mr. Salsa was wearing a chili pepper tie (which turned out to be a stealth cell phone holder). Before Mike could add anything more, Mr. Salsa's ears perked up and he lept up from his side of the bar and power walked over to us. He threw his arm around my shoulders and started explaining how he started making salsa from scratch.
Sam and I listened intently to his overview of salsa making (lot's of peppers!), and before we knew it he had run out to his car to get a jar!
No name, no label. We think his name was Mike, too, but that could be just a lucky guess. Thanks, Mr. Salsa.  Have another White Zin on us!

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