Thursday, November 10, 2011

11/10 ABQ Rapid Drive

Albuquerque Fun
We headed on over to a new shwanky-danky dog park, North Domingo Baca this morning so our poor, neglected, shelter dog had a chance to romp with some buddies. She, of course, made a lot of new friends, and played "steal-the-half-bitten-off-frisbee" for as long as another dog would chase her.
After that, we decided it was time for a little human fun. We left pooch back at the rig so she could catch  a dog siesta, then we decided it was time to take Larry to Old Town. We decided to take the long way there, down Central Avenue (Route 66), because it passes through several other neighborhoods. We got to see hipster cool Nob Hill, the University Area, as well as the appealing Downtown neighborhood. We also saw Albuquerque's own version of Bus Rapid Transit, with their ABQ Rapid Ride. Don't get us started about why this really isn't BRT (let's just say, there are NO designated bus lanes, and we think you still have to pay on board this puppy). Don't make me nerd out and compare this ABQ nonsense with our ultra-cool BRT in Bogota, Colombia. I'll do it you know....
So anyway, we had a mediocre lunch (I think Sam's chili relleno was good) at a touristy spot in Old Town, and then we headed to the Visitor Center. We started talking to these two awesome volunteers (perhaps from the AARP clan) who filled us in on goings-on in ABQ and the surrounding area. We thanked them, and before Sam knew what hit him, I had dragged him into a jewelry store and spent $80.00.
At least it wasn't an art gallery.
More tomorrow as our journey continues...

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  1. Watch out for those art galleries, in fact you better detour around Santa Fe if you want to make sure that you avoid them. It's always a good thing to by an important jewel. This is a good way to remember your trip.