Thursday, November 3, 2011

11/03 Back on Track

All empty here except for a few big rigs
After a few days of adjusting to haulin' the big rig, we decided to put in some miles and get this puppy back on track. After all, we were darn sick of California and we were ready to head on out to 'Zona and Grand Canyon Country. Well, we made it. We're here for three nights, and I hope we can "get our sight-seeing on" after lots of quick overnights. We are sittin' at almost 7,000 feet again at the pretty darn cool (literally) Circle Pines KOA.  It think we are some of the last campers here for the season as the expected highs are in the twenties tonight.
It seems like every day we learn something new about Monty. Today realized that we needed to take on fresh water, turn on the water pump, and disconnect the sewer--otherwise, everything will freeze overnight. Supposedly, our internal systems will be fine as long as we keep the furnace on. Apparently we have a ritzy system so everything is all insulated. I hope this is the case, or else we'll find out the hard way that we should have been camping in Miami. 
So this is to Rob, Megan, and Deuce--it's not warm here, and there might be snow on the way. Yep, we've got a fireplace, but we might also be kickin' up our space heater! 


  1. Glad to hear you're back on track and in AZ....though the desert near Barstow looks very appealing and makes me "some homesick" for both desert and the grasslands of AZ. Good to be near Mojave NOT in summer! Funny to see a snow dog in desert...but Nora must be enjoying to coolness.

    Whoa! 7000 feet. Take it easy!!!! And drink LOTS of water!!!! We'll assume that Monty's plumbing is working fine :))

    I think you're going to fit right into the RV place at Canyon de Chelly- which, if I recall correctly, looks quite alot like Circle Pines.

  2. Thanks! So far so good! By the way, when you said "drink lots of water" did you mean wine? LOL

  3. Um. Sooooo, I'm thinkin' you're kidding 'bout the wine...but in case not... it really is true that less caffeine & less alcohol at elevation = fewer headaches from the elevation and compounded by dehydration. Lessons learned on the way and passed along to prevent needless suffering :))

    BTW yesterday I met Phil and Megan who have opened The Honey Exchange in Portland, He grew up in Lisle and they lived for a bunch of years in Ravenswood area. Now have a great little bee/honey store here...and they carry some Chicago honey from an excellent-sounding co-op that's putting bees into empty lots and teaching disadvantaged folks about beekeeping and giving them some income, etc. Way cool. Maybee for your next adventure, some rooftop beekeeping......???

  4. PS. Forgot to mention: Heard something about duststorms in AZ...just 2 seconds' worth. Doubt they're where you are- probably Phoenix, etc, but glad you have a few days of not driving! WIcked windy here today...............

  5. Hehe! Not toooooo kidding about the wine... hehe... No, really, we are being good about the elevation. So far it hasn't been too bad--I think it's interesting because we've been up and down so much on this trip.

    Honey, eh? I think YOU need to come to Chicago and teach people how to make honey :-)