Saturday, November 19, 2011

11/19 Mike Loebl has a Doppelganger

Last night we stayed at the Will Rogers Downs "Racino" KOA near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Without a doubt, that combination of concepts brings multiple levels of confusion, but that's not the main purpose of this post so I'll ignore such words like, "racino" and "Tulsa." 
Anyway, everything was going fine last night until the mere mention of the dreaded "Celebration Roast." Those who know me might know that I love those damn things, but every time I've prepared one, someone breaks down, gets weepy, or just plain has a life crisis...
Last night was my turn as the emotions of this trip came roaring up on me. Luckily, my husband is used to the "Celebration Roast Effect" and knows how to talk me down. At about midnight, all was well and we had finally fallen asleep only to be awakened by what I thought was my brother outside my window.
Now let's be honest. If there's one guy out there who likes the "F-word" it's my brother, Mike (Mike, let me know if you're applying for a new job-- I'll take this post down LOL).  So when we woke up at 1:30 in the morning to "F- this! You gotta be F-in' kiddin' me!" I assumed my brother had come to pay us a visit. I was about to throw open the door and invite Mike in for a beer when I realized I was incorrect in my initial assessment. Swearing Guy was not Mike. In fact, as Sam and I took turns sneaking peeks out our bedroom window, we tried to figure out what happened. We think Swearing Guy was too drunk to drive back from the racino, so he had wife/girlfriend captain his pickup truck. Perhaps she didn't realize the great dual purpose that the parking lot served since it was also equipped with the full hookups of the KOA campground (duh!) From Swearing Guy's kicking of his front tire and frustrated circling of his vehicle and stomping around, I think wife/girlfriend hit one of the full hookups on the way out. Sam disagrees and thinks that she hit one of the concrete dividers, but I think my version is funnier, so we'll go with that. By the way, this solidified the "not Mike" theory, since Alice can drive like a MFer, and there's no way she'd back into a full hookup OR a concrete barrier. Anyway, since their pickup wasn't going anywhere, they left it parked conveniently in front of our campsite until they figured out what to do. Needless to say, this incident was not resolved, and the truck was still parked there in the morning (see above picture).
Mike, next time you decide to visit us, give us a heads up, OK? And don't make it a Racino... 


  1. So, are you still there...blocked by this truck? Or have you moved on?
    Am gonna miss your travel blog and hearing all about your adventures (and mis-adventures)!!
    Soon as I get some new batteries for my camera, I'll have some pics to send you guys- of Bodhi's new home and the RV that lives there too!! :))

  2. Larney, thanks for reading! We hope you mean Bodhi's new run-in, not a new barn!

  3. I mean "barn" in B is now at Otter Brook instead of Capell Creek.....yup....But Polar is there too....Will update you on this eventually...still no camera.......