Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11 Quick Touring in ABQ

Awesome taco salad at Monroe's
This was when we split up to cover lots of distance:
Sam worked hard on biking the Paseo del Bosque Bike Trail while I headed to the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden. Since I had taken Nora on a marathon training walk this morning ("Leave it! I said, LEAVE IT!") I decided to let her snooze in the car for a bit. This bit of multi-purposing worked well for us, as I really enjoyed my stroll through the gardens, and Sam zoomed off on his mountain bike. After our separate journeys, we came together for all things good: Yummy Mexican Food and a Dos Equis Amber. We decided that we were going to be a bit smarter today about where we were eating, so we used the power of YELP to find Monroe's.  Yum. Yum. Yum. We sat at the counter and were joined by a couple of characters. Sam had the tamales and I had a taco salad. Oh. Also, Sam seems to have a SLIGHT sopapilla problem.  He LOVES them. Before I could say, "Holy Guacamole!" he had DEVOURED two sopapillas with honey.
After that, we headed to Old Town again to check out some more stores, and we made another great discovery: Nora likes pumpkin ice cream. Wow. We are always learning something new.


  1. So, are sopapillas also served as "bread"...and the idea is that they cool your mouth after eating hot chili rellenos??? I LOVED those and had forgotten all about them!! I have been looking at my NM map and trying to remember the name of the little town- I think El Rito, perhaps- where I had lunch and devoured these yummy bread-ish, honey laden goodies. There's (or was in 2005) this great, small, "real" restaurant in a little town with lots of lilac bushes....on the right hand side going east...if you are going in that direction....and also this awesome caldera ....possibly the Valles Caldera.... NE of Santa Fe......Wish I were there!!!

  2. We just saw this again. Oh boy. We want to go there too, and we are going to miss it!