Saturday, November 12, 2011

11/12 Stop Wining!

It's been another day of zooming from place to place, and it's still not over.  We started the day by tiring Woofington out at the dog park. Then we headed on over to a local Albuquerque favorite, the Flying Star Cafe. It's a local cafe that LOOKs "all corporate and stuff" yet, it isn't. We both had really yummy food, and we'll probably go back before we leave. (Sam gives it a check-plus LOL).  After that, I designated Sam as my private wine tour driver.  We got a chance to go a bit north to three very different wineries. We started at Gruet Winery which was conveniently located next to an RV Dealership, amusingly enough for some classy sparkling wine. The classy ladies who served us even let us keep one of wine glasses. After that, we headed north to the desert town of Placitas to try some wine at the very original Anasazi Fields Winery owned by poet, Jim Fish. As was expected, his wines were as creative as his poetry. I have to admit, the Apricot wine was a bit too different for me, but we walked away with a bottle of American Cranberry wine that is simply delicious. I'm sure it will mix well with Mike Loebl's award-winning tofurkey. After checking out the smaller wineries, we classed it up again with tasting at Casa Rondena Winery. The place was packed, and we were lucky enough to be standing next to one of the most personable MLM guys I've ever met. He was in a travel business called WorldVentures, and MAN, was he a talker! I told Sam that if he sold some knives or something tangible, I would have bought all of them from him. Too bad he was just selling membership into a traveling club. He was the kind of dude you just want to have over to a dinner party because he's so fun and outgoing. Too bad, no knives. Tonight, we are headed over to the National Hispanic Cultural Center to see Yjastros: American Flamenco Repertory Company. I'll report about that tomorrow. To see the complete set of pics, go to our SW Trip: Albuquerque page.

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