Saturday, November 5, 2011

11/05 Snow Patrol!

We woke up this morning to four inches of snow on the ground. Little Miss Snow Speed Demon, Nora Woofington Swett, was in HEAVEN. She tore around the campground looking for lost hikers and the remains of campfires past.  This dog is just plain, FUNNY in the snow. She all of a sudden turns very, well, Swiss! She puts her working dog cap on, and just starts PATROLLING! Running beside us, she makes sure we haven't fallen in a deep snowbank, then she gallops ahead to check out any other dangers that await--you know--like avalanches, hot doggin' telemark skiers, unruly snowshoers, or lost Iditarod participants. She might not let us leave!


  1. Nora sure is cute with snow on her nose!
    As for the humans.....hunkering down in the snow for a couple of days gives new meaning to the concept of "chillaxing" :))

  2. Hahha! Sam and I were laughing about your "chillaxing" comment, but I had forgotten to write back. You are silly!