Friday, November 4, 2011

11/04 Rim Trail from Powell Point to Hopi Point

We're sitting on a rock overlooking the canyon. Unlike other parks on the Colorado Plateau, the Grand Canyon has not blown us away. In all honesty, it's so huge that seems like a painted movie backdrop. Unlike Dead Horse Point State Park, Arches, and even Canyonlands, we can't touch it, we can't even see much of it, and our photographs hardly have any impact. The biggest awareness I have of its VAAHSTNESS is that each gust of wind causes vibrations of sheer terror in my stomach as I try to anchor my ass as firmly as possible to the rock. As I hesitantly sneak a peak at the canyon below, it's only the closeness of the ledges underneath me that hint at the steepness and power that this canyon holds.


  1. So interesting that you have that reaction to the GC!!! Was mine, too...ahhhh...40? years ago. My big learning about the GC was that it brings folks from all over the world. Sitting on a rock on the rim, I heard Japanese, German, French and other languages & accents too numerous to mention and it was the first time I realized people "from away" actually want to come to the US! And there is no other place on the globe that has such a huge canyon- as far as I know. Have often wondered since then what it's like to do one of the CO River trips...Maybe it's completely mind-blowing from the bottom up.

  2. OMG!!! I am sitting here blow away. Your dear son, (i.e. my amazing husband) has said REPEATEDLY today that he would love to come back and do a "rafting" trip down the Colorado River. He said that is the only way he could begin to understand it. Maybe next year??? LOL

  3. Excellent. I just know there's no WAY I'd hike in or ride a burro on those trails...but rafting? That could work!