Monday, November 7, 2011

11/07 Pancakes and Potato Chowder

As Mike Loebl would say, HRHRHRHR!
Well, we were planning on heading out to Flagstaff today, but KOWABUNGA, folks--we've been hit with another winter storm. I really wish Sam loved Christmas decorations, because Monty would look Saah-WEEEET(!) in some festive lights, an inflatable Santa, and a nativity scene out front. It's actually a shame we don't have it because it would sure make me feel better about this whole snowstorm in Arizona thing. Accuweather PROMISES us it's supposed to be clear tomorrow. We'll see. I've been known to seriously want to lay the smack down on Accuweather as I have spent many stormy nights while tent camping in Wisconsin.
Nora loves this crazy snow, and of course, is snoozing on her towel after her third romp of the day. We, on the other hand, got to spend the day doing laundry, eating pancakes, and making potato chowder in the slow cooker. Pretty soon, I'm about to crack open the Sutter Home, and we'll have to call it a party.


  1. Your blogs get funnier with each weather "event"! Too much time on your hands and too many internet sites. If this continues, Monty will look quite surreal.

  2. And another thing... WHERE DO YOU FIND THOSE PHOTOS???? They have made the whacky even whackier.
    Do you think Sam would allow a garland around Nora's neck? If that's acceptable perhaps you could proceed to even grander accessories for the dog or Monty. Start small.

  3. Accuweather is so 2009. Intellicast is where it's at! Work it Sutter Home, work it...

  4. Mom, thank god for google image search LOL. BTW, I've been admiring a small holiday squash display that would bring out the Native American decor of our RV. I'll have to think about it and get back to you. hah.

  5. Hey Rob! Thanks for the Intellicast tip. BTW, I think we need Megan in here for some decorating help. LOL. Nora says hi!