Wednesday, June 3, 2015

6/1/15 American's Best Hike

After we dropped off the dogs at the trailer, Sam and then headed out for some adult hiking time.
Sam excited for ADULT HIKING TIME
Yeah, that's right, we were gonna hike the self proclaimed best hike in the country, the MUST SEE descent into the amazing hoodoos of Bryce, on the Queens Garden/Navajo Trail/the Rim Loop...

Oh yeah. This was going down for REAL
Now I have to come clean. I had formerly pa-shawed Bryce because we were all ROCKED OUT. But this time, because we had the chance to hike down into the geology, we loved it.

Hiking down into the Hoodoos was amazing
Like this is normal??

The really neat section called Wall Street

We still love Zion, but Bryce you are beautiful, breathtaking, and kind of really, mind blowing....

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