Friday, June 19, 2015

Latte Love in Point Reyes Station

Diane's heart-shaped latte foam!
We woke up this morning knowing we were going to take the dogs to the beach to get them some exercise. But when I looked outside, I was absolutely convinced that it was raining outside. I guess I'm still not used to the early morning fog here on the coast. Vegas has rubbed off on me in funny ways. Once we got moving, we realized that days don't go quite the way we planned, but different can be better...

We took the dogs to Limantour Beach for some surfing "dogging around" as we planned.
Foggy but beautiful, Limantour Beach

Then plans changed a bit.. Sam and his dad decided to hike while Diane and I made a HUGE SACRIFICE and decided to hang out in Point Reyes Station.  With fun and quirky shops, fresh oysters all around, beautiful flowers everywhere, we had a great little morning!
Toby's Coffee Bar
Flower-filled secret gardens...
This is a bad picture of a beautiful garden

Backyard Buddhas...
And even got a cute junkyard cat!

Junkyard Cat
Sam and Jonathan had the hard job of going on a hike. I'll wait to hear about that later while I relaxing with my oysters and wine.....

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