Sunday, June 21, 2015

A few days into one

View from the Point Reyes Lighthouse
The last couple of days have been good, but have had a couple of unexpected turns. A minor injury occurred (not with us, but with Sam’s family) the same day the Charleston shooting happened. Perhaps the universe was telling us that the trip was winding down, or maybe I was just missing Vegas and ready to head home. Either way, Sam’s family left early, and we left the day after.

Olema and Point Reyes were really cute: There were organic, free-range, small, sustainable, bike-friendly areas with a beautiful national seashore and lots of well-meaning white people. The beaches were free (unlike Santa Cruz), and unpopulated. A stubby, yet effective, local transit system connected the towns in Marin County for the people who didn’t have cars. Oysters were grown in nearby Tomales Bay, and fresh produce and dairy ruled the restaurants and markets.
Sam at the lighthouse
The Point Reyes Lighthouse provided a picturesque view of the coast, and hiking and camping was everywhere. The weather was beautiful, and well, basically, it was pretty darn cute—but neither Sam nor I fell in love with it like we did with the landscape of Southern Utah and Nevada’s desert. It was great to see family, but it’s nice to know we are living in a place that makes us both feel at home.

We are driving home via Reno/Tahoe, and the stark high desert landscape of Nevada’s western border.  The drive is a huge contrast to the traffic and roads in California. Last night, we stayed in Hawthorne, Nevada at a random, but clean and pleasant, RV Park called Whiskey Flats.

Can't beat the Whiskey Flats...
On our drive today, back to Vegas, I’m just navigating the straight shot through the desert. In the distanced, I can see the snow-capped Boundary Peak, which at 13,143 feet is the highest point in Nevada. Close to the road, the tufts of desert plants remind me of my backyard. This has been a fun trip, but it is time to get back.

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