Monday, June 15, 2015

The Coast with the Most

This post is going to be really quick because our WiFi in Santa Cruz is minimal and rather temperamental. After all the talk about water in the valley, we are now in the Santa Cruz area. Watsonville to be exact. In fact, we just reunited our strawberries to its place of birth.
Our "tight" spot!
We're staying at the Santa Cruz/Monterrey KOA, and so far it's beautiful. It's tucked up in the hills above the coast, and our site backs up to a preservation area. Speaking of backing up, you should have seen Sam's skills. I'm sure outsiders thought we were "that couple" with Sam telling me, "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you!" but it worked, and we're parked in a really neat spot.
The KOA is really neat though--and extremely family friendly although there were dangerous groups of ten year olds zipping around on their rented KOA banana bikes. Very scary, but I think we outsmarted them...
Things look calm, but looks can be deceiving

We are a half mile to a dog-friendly beach, so we took the dogs there last night to tire them out.
Manresa State Beach is dog friendly!

More views
We are off to do some exploring, but so far, this has been a great spot.

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