Saturday, May 30, 2015

How do you pronounce Paragonah

Seriously, is it PER-AH-GONNA? Or PEAR-AH-GO-NAH? Or doesn't it really matter? Either way, we just passed Paragonah on our way to Cannonville, and Nora and I are having a deep discussion about this...
Nora wrapped around Roland while thinking about Paragonah
So, after all the IKEA-izing, it's time we put our rig to the test. We haven't been to Utah since last October, so we thought we'd head on over to the Bryce region...

Last time we went to Bryce, I think we were traumatized from too much rock-seeing. We had spent a good deal of time in Moab and Zion, and I think I had enough of pretty red rocks. To be honest,  we took the scenic drive though Bryce, but we really didn't appreciate the park's beauty.

One of the challenges of traveling with dog(s), is that the national parks usually don't allow pets on the trails. So if Sam and I really want to hike a longer trail, we need to either kennel the dogs that day, or plan really well. So another option we've discovered has been to hike at other, lesser known parks. Last time we were in the region, we hiked at the adorably orange Kodachrome State Park which is like a Mini- Moab. This time, we are going to spend some time exploring Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, which will from this moment forward be known as (GSENM) which is what it seems to be known as around here. Even the website can't manage to write the whole name. Maybe because it reminds then too much of  Stand and Deliver. Not sure. Anyway, dogs are allowed in most parts of the park. So you might just find us there.

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