Friday, May 22, 2015

RV Remodel Part Two: Ikea-izing our Fifth-Wheel

Uh.... There's nothing to see here...?!
Late last Friday, Sam and I pulled into our spot at the RV park determined to use the last hours of daylight for some hard-core stealthy furniture removal. Unaware of our plans, our nice RV neighbors greeted us and proceeded to apologize for the bad weather in Las Vegas. *Grin*... I quickly forgave them, then prayed to the RV gods that no one would notice any strange furniture items being ejected from our fifth-wheel. I mean, this is normal, right...?

So, let's be honest. I like rules. And I have a sneaking suspicion that this project might have been breaking a few of them. So if I had anything to say about it, we were definitely NOT getting kicked out of the park for our sloppy front yard.  Powered by the fear of an RV park demerit, we hurried to get the furniture loaded into Larry so we could drop it off at Goodwill that night.

Inside the trailer, it definitely looked like someone had cleaned us out. Unfortunately for us, the faux RV burglars had left behind a sad recliner... Never mind that...
Sam was excited by the robbery

Back at the house the next morning, Sam loaded the rest of our items into the truck along with a few pieces of leather that were needed to complete the sofa at Goodwill. After that mission we headed back to the RV for the IKEA-IZING.
I like his ingenuity... and his butt 
This was when the BIG STUFF happened. I mean, really BIG. Like furniture assembly... and textile arranging.......I mean serious, serious, Ikea-izing:
Sam confused by the Ikea Instructions. I helped him out..
And then, after a couple of hours. our RV went from:
The original sleek Monty II--Nice, but not really us
To this:
Sam exhausted after listening to me
Fun tablecloth and chairs
Throw pillows!
New quilt on the bed upstairs
 In fact, we felt so great that we decided to have a party!
Amber, Corrie, and Nathan stopped by to celebrate
Nathan even helped hang the party lights!
After chilling out in our fiver all day, both of us realized how nice it was to give our space its own character. It had seemed sacrilegious to touch anything, but even without new paint or pictures on the walls, our fifth-wheel now felt way more like us. It was warm, friendly, even a tad bit goofy! We now had a space that fit us better and enjoy the trips we were taking.

In fact, this little change of furniture and textiles made a big difference, but, if you looked closely, you'd notice something was missing...and it deserved it's own post!

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