Monday, May 18, 2015

Legend of the Slippery Sofa

When Sam and I bought the new fifth-wheel, it was absolutely NOTHING like the original Monty.
The Original Monty with its low-brow look but its fabulous rear kitchen
Monty II was gleaming! We're talking black leather furniture, cherry cabinets, formal valances, and all sorts of classiness. In fact, I really didn't want to touch anything for fear of ruining the shiny interior...

Monty II (New, and with the slippery furniture)
But after taking Monty on a few trips, we realized that we had a serious first-world problem. The flashy leather sofa was the style that sort of, well, launched us out like a rocket when we sat down! You know the type, right? Sit down, and whoooooop, you're not on the couch anymore. I didn't even realize this was a thing, but Nora looked at me pretty knowingly when I mentioned it to her. This was a very dangerous problem to have, and I certainly didn't want to risk being sued by any visitors to our trailer....

Nora demonstrating her grumpiness about the couch
In addition, we also had a recliner problem. The recliners were taking up valuable real estate in Monty's back nook. I had great plans for internet surfing in that area, and I just couldn't do it in a recliner.
Valuable real estate WASTED!
When writing this blog post, I was looking for pictures of people actually using the recliner and I couldn't find any! In fact, the only person who really liked the recliner was my brother but I was willing to risk our "slippery" relationship to save the surfing nook.
So after some diligent measuring and some prayers to the Ikea Goddesses, Sam and I hatched a plan to create an Swedish Meatball Oasis in the land of traditional RV furnishings. It would involve some diligent measuring, a heck of a lot of throw pillows, and some amazing handiwork by a good friend.

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